VALIDITY OF THE “Money-Back Guarantee” OFFER

Offer valid for any purchase made in United Kingdom, while stocks last.

Requests regarding products purchased after this date cannot be processed.


The guarantee will come into effect once you have met all of the following conditions :

  • 1. You are eligible (you do not meet any of the exclusion conditions listed below),
  • 2. You have confirmed your registration on the app,
  • 3. You have followed the programme accurately throughout the 60 days of treatment required,
  • 4. The use of Selfiskin³ has not reduced your blemishes at all.


List of exclusion conditions (Customers who meet these conditions will not be eligible for the money-back guarantee offer):

  • – Having blemishes in areas other than the face or neck (on the chest or back)
  • – Having blemishes associated with severe cystic acne, acne conglobata, acne fulminans
  • – Use of light therapy devices, adhesive cleansing strips, masks, peels
  • – Cleansing of pores with microsurgery within 7 days prior to the application of Selfiskin³
  • – Use of anti-inflammatory medications containing salicylic acid, corticosteroids or antibiotics or retinoid-based products, among others, within 15 days prior to starting the treatment.


  • – Register within 72 hours of your purchase (as indicated on the receipt) on the SELFISKIN® app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Play Store.
  • – Take a photo of your face and neck, if necessary (according to the pre-established frame on the computer or smartphone screen)

You will receive an email or notification within 48 hours from Selfiskin confirming your registration for the money-back guarantee programme.

Once your registration has been confirmed, your Selfiskin coach will send you personalised notifications that will allow you to follow the programme appropriately throughout the 60 days of treatment.


A personalised notification will be sent to you in the morning and evening, each day of the treatment, within the time frames you chose during your registration, to remind you to apply the product.

  • 1. You must confirm that you have correctly applied the product within 2 hours following receipt of the notification, on your smartphone or computer.
    If you fail to confirm the applications 2 days in a row or 4 days within a month, you will be automatically excluded from the money-back guarantee.
  • 2. You will be required to send us a picture of your face once every 2 weeks (according to the pre-established frame on the computer or smartphone screen). You will be reminded to do this with a notification, as well as to answer the 3 questions asked on days 14, 30, 45 and 60 of the treatment in order to assess your progress.

If after 30 days of treatment you do not see an improvement (no change in the number of pimples), we will send you our BOOSTER treatment, which you must alternate with the REPAIR treatment every other evening, while continuing to use CLEAN and HYDRA normally throughout the remaining month of the treatment, in order to obtain the expected results.

If there is no improvement after 60 days of treatment, despite having used BOOSTER in alternation and appropriately met all the conditions mentioned above, you may request a full refund of your purchase price.


To do so, please send us the following items by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt :

  • 1. Your full original receipt, indicating the date, description and price of the purchased product,
  • 2. The original barcode of the product included on the packaging that you have cut out.
  • 3. The original fuchsia pink sticker for the promotional offer (only the original will be accepted).
  • 4. Your identification code, obtained during your registration on the site or on downloading the app as part of the money-back guarantee offer,
  • 5. Your full contact details: Full name, date and place of birth, address,
  • 6. Your bank account details (indicating your IBAN-BIC) from a bank with a registered address in France for the refund of the purchase price of your product and delivery charges.

Submit your complete file within 67 days of your purchase (as indicated on your receipt), by duly prepaid postage, to the following address: Phyto-terra / Selfiskin Offre « efficace ou remboursé », BP 65, 78630 Orgeval – France.

Once the 67-day term following the date of your purchase of the programme (as indicated on the postmark) has expired, no request for a refund under the money-back guarantee offer can be made and/or considered.

Any illegible, incomplete or fraudulent request that does not meet the offer conditions will be considered non-compliant.


Offer valid for any purchase made in United Kingdom.

Offer only valid for people with acne-prone skin, with mild to moderate blemishes, such as pimples, blackheads, skin texture irregularities and enlarged pores – This is not medication – Not suitable for use by pregnant women.

Offer only valid for individuals residing in metropolitan France (including Corsica), the United Kingdom and Germany, limited to one request per household (same name, same postal address, same bank account details). Not valid in conjunction with any other current promotions.

Pursuant to the Law on Data Protection and Freedom of Information dated 06/01/78 and its amendments, you have the right to access, correct and remove any data related to you, by writing to the address provided above.